#001: Are You Good Enough to Serve?

We may think we are not good enough to serve God because our life is a mess. We think the sin in our life is a barrier to being able to be used by God. We think, “I’ll serve when I’ve gotten my life together.” But, guess what? The Bible says we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

Covenant, Serve

If perfection were the criteria to serving the Kingdom, it would be a pretty small Kingdom. The reality is, God loves us enough to accept us just the way we are, warts and all. He also loves us so much that He established a new covenant between God and man in which our sins have been washed away by His Son, Jesus, the blood of the lamb.

Mosaic Covenant

Exodus 19-24 describes the Mosaic Covenant. The Mosaic Covenant was a conditional covenant which means that as long as the people adhere to the terms set forth, God’s promised blessings will remain. These blessings were 1) a special relationship with God, 2) they would be a kingdom of priests representing God to the nations of the world, and 3) they would be a “holy nation” separate from all others.

Burnt Offering

In Leviticus 1 God calls for a burnt offering as an atonement for sin. The animal sacrificed provided blood which was a covering for man’s sin. The animal sacrificed was inspected by the priests and had to be without blemish. The person who sinned was not the one inspected.

New Covenant

Hebrews 9 tells us that Christ entered into heaven as our great high priest, not based on the blood of goats or bulls, but based on his own blood. He was the sacrificial lamb who removed our sin. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb who shed his blood as a propitiation for our sin, based on his own perfection for he was without blemish. We are not the ones being inspected for sin; our sins are forgiven.


We sometimes think we are not good enough because there is sin in our life, but remember, our sins have been washed away, removed by Jesus who took our sins upon the cross. So, stop listening to the whispers in your head that say you are not good enough–such thoughts come from the devil, not from God. Serve Him! Use what you’ve got for His glory, and don’t worry about the rest!

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