#090: Are you Peter on Monday Morning?

Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin for a trial, and Peter takes up a vantage point in the courtyard to watch. First, a servant girl accuses Peter of being with Jesus the Galilean and Peter denies it saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” (Matthew 26:70).

Fear, Peter's Denial

Then another woman approaches Peter and accuses him of being with Jesus the Nazarene and Peter denies it with an oath saying, “I don’t know the man!” (Matthew 26:72).

Finally, a group standing nearby confronts Peter and accuses him of being one of the disciples with Jesus because his accent gives him away. Peter curses and swears another oath saying, “I do not know the man!” (Matthew 26:74).

This is the same Peter who just a few hours before picked up a sword, and despite being surround by over 600 Roman soldiers, cut off the ear of Malchus, the High Priest’s servant (John 18:10).

One minute Peter is bravely defending Jesus against all odds, and a little while later, he denies knowing Jesus, swears an oath that he doesn’t know Jesus, and ultimately, he even curses at those who suggest he knows Jesus!

Wow, we would never do that, would we?!

Recently, an acquaintance told me that trying to start bible studies in the workplace was a challenge because people didn’t want to “come out of the closet.” These are folks who are perfectly comfortable going to church on the weekend and even serve those in need in the community. But they draw the line at being identified as a Christian in the workplace.

Why is that? Why do people shrink away from being known for their beliefs in the workplace?

I think the primary reason is fear:

  1. There is the fear of career consequences. People are worried that being known as a Christian will negatively impact their careers.
  2. There is the fear of being judged. If people know we are Christians then they will judge us by some standard they expect Christians to abide by, and we are afraid that we will fail these imagined standards.
  3. There is the fear of being excluded. We all want to fit in and be liked. If we are known as Christians we are afraid others will treat us as though we were carrying some deadly disease, and exclude us from all sorts of activities.

I’ve been like Peter at times in my career, first boldly defending the faith, then for some reason shrinking away. What I’ve finally realized is that God gives us many opportunities and how we respond to them is most important. Do we respond as the Lord would have us, or do we shrink back? My prayer is that I will have the courage to always proclaim the truth of my Lord and Savior!

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As always questions and comments are welcome! I suspect many, if not all of us, have struggled with the question of how bold should we be in the workplace? Why do you think people are comfortable proclaiming Christ at church but shrink away from being known for their beliefs in the workplace?

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  • Nathanael says:

    Good point. Ultimately it is fear of man that has a higgher place in our lives than the fear of God. This is sad, because it is God who gives us grace by our bosses, it is God who promotes us to the place, where we can fulfil our calling.
    Thanks Ron!

  • Ron Ross says:

    My clients know three things about me: I love my God, my wife and I love them. The net result is a great list of very loyal clients who pay on time and without complaint.