#099: My Most Popular Posts of 2014 (And What I Learned from Them)

Like most (if not all of you), I take time at the end of the year to review the past 12 months with an eye to understanding what worked well, and what didn't work so well.

Popular Posts

I started publishing this blog regularly in July 2013. I had no idea where God would lead me this past year, but I was determined to follow Him. I learned a lot, and despite all my flailing about, God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

Traffic on the site increased over 1,200% July-December 2014 vs. July-December 2013. On December 29 we passed the 500,000 pages viewed mark, and ended the year at an incredible 502,550 pages viewed. Finally, people from 132 countries visited the site at some point during the year (I couldn't find half of them on a map if I had to!).

All this is absolutely amazing to me. I attribute this increase to you, my faithful readers, who have come back week after week, and have shared my articles with friends, relatives, and co-workers. Without you I would not be here doing what I love to do, doing what God has called me to do!

​Here are my top six most read posts in 2014:

  1. #039: 6 Steps to Building Healthy Alliances that will Build Your Business
  2. #038: 3 Elements of Proper Motivation in our Work
  3. #030: Four Steps to Failure
  4. #078: 5 Signs You are Rebelling Against God's Call on Your Life
  5. #036: Climbing the Success Ladder in Seven Easy Steps
  6. #045: Do You Need Encouragement? Be an Encourager!

These six posts accounted for a whopping 53.4% of all the page views for the entire YEAR!

#030: Four Steps to Failure
We often experience failure at the point where we are strongest. Moses was known for his humility, but became angry,[...]
#036: Climbing the Success Ladder in 7 Easy Steps
College degree in hand, the fresh-faced young graduates, begin the quest and the upward climb towards career success. I know,[...]
#038: Three Elements of Proper Motivation in our Work
Paul said the motivation demonstrated in our work was important for the Christian. He spoke of the importance of being[...]
#039: Six Steps to Building Healthy Alliances that will Build Your Business
I am embarrassed to say that I was pretty self-centered in the early stages of my career. I was focused[...]
#045: Do You Need Encouragement? Be An Encourager!
Are you feeling lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut? Do you need someone to lift you out[...]
#078: 5 Signs You are Rebelling against God’s Call on Your Life
Last week's article, Do You have Enough Faith to Weather Life's Storms? touched on the prophet Jonah. He had to[...]

Based on my analysis here are my observations for what worked (and what didn't):​

  • Personal Development Rules. Readers are most interested in topics that apply to their personal development. 8 of the top 10 posts were Personal Development category posts. Overall, Personal Development category posts accounted for 56.7% of all pages viewed.
  • Relationship Development is a high priority. Readers are also very interested in how to better develop relationships in their workplace. Relationship Development posts accounted for only 10.9% of posts, but 31.7% of pages viewed!
  • Skill Development is not a high priority. Posts on developing skills in the workplace were the least interesting to the majority of readers. Skill Development category posts accounted for 24.4% of posts, but only 11.6% of pages viewed.
  • Lists Rule! 5 of the top 6 posts were "list" type posts, and 10 of the top 20 posts were list posts. That makes sense. You're busy and lists are a great way to summarize information.
  • Archives are important. 5 of the top 6 most popular posts this year were actually written and posted in  2013! That means readers are searching for information specific to your interests.

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