#084: When Weak Leadership and Rebellion Leads to Wandering

By all accounts Moses was a pretty great leader for the people of Israel. But on a couple of occasions, he fell woefully short as a leader.

Leadership, Wandering

One time was when God told Moses to go confront pharaoh. Moses kept whining about not being able to speak well enough to pull it off (Exodus 4). God gets tired of Moses’ excuses and sent Moses’ brother Aaron in to speak on his behalf.

Sometime later Moses secured the Israelites’ release from pharaoh, led them out of Egypt, crossed the desert, and was just about to enter the Promised Land when his leadership skills failed him again. The result was the entire nation wandered around in the desert for another 40 years!

The narrative is seen in Deuteronomy 1. Moses and the Israelites are on the edge of the Promised Land, and Moses encouraged them, saying here is the land God promised us, let’s go take possession of it, don’t be afraid. So far so good.

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#083: What To Do When Opportunities Are Blocked By Obstacles

I once had an opportunity to produce a Spanish language TV show to air on a major TV station in Los Angeles. Producing the show would be a lot of work, cost a lot of money that I didn’t have, and was fraught with risk if it didn’t succeed.


The visionary in me saw it as a great opportunity, but to make it come to life I would have to overcome a number of obstacles. I bet the same thing has happened in your life; a great opportunity came your way, but obstacles threatened to keep you from achieving your vision.

One of my favorite Bible stories is that of David & Goliath as recorded in 1 Samuel 17. In it, we see a great lesson in what to do when opportunities are blocked by obstacles.

As our story unfolds, David’s father Jesse, asks David to deliver some food supplies to David’s brothers who are serving in Saul’s army. David is in Bethlehem and the army is in the Valley of Elah preparing to fight the Philistines. It is a distance of over 80 miles through mountainous terrain. David packs up the supplies and sets off, arriving in Elah just as the army was going out to take up their positions for battle.

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#082: On the Road to Success We Must First Conquer Failure

Some folks I know think of success and failure as being two different roads one can travel in life: success is one road, and failure the other. But I disagree. I think in life’s great journey, success and failure are on the same road.

Pothole, Failure, Success

C.S. Lewis said, “Failures are posts on the road to achievement.” Lewis has failures and success on the same road, but in my experience, failures aren’t posts on the side of the road. We can’t just wave at them as we pass them by. Failures are more like potholes right in the middle of the road. If our destination is success, along the way we must endure the potholes of failure.

Of course, we will do our best to avoid the failure potholes, but occasionally we will hit one dead on—it can’t be avoided. When we do hit the inevitable pothole, how do we stay on the road to success rather than driving into the ditch?

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#081: Understanding our Primary Priority and Making Decisions

Each and every one of us is resource constrained. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are resource constrained—maybe not by money, but certainly by time. We each have the same 168 hours per week. Even Bill and Warren, with all their billions, can’t buy more time!

Priority, Colossians 1:10

No leader I know has a shortage of work that comes their way, and committing to one thing necessarily means you cannot do something else. The mere act of choosing what project to work on is an act of setting priorities.

Sometimes that choice is an easy one. One project is clearly better than another. But what do you do when several competing projects are before you and they are all good? You can’t do them all—you don’t have enough time! Now, how do you choose?

Thanks to Marcin K. from Poland for sending me this question about setting priorities! If you have a question you would like me to address in a future blog, you can write me at ron@ronkelleher.com.

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#080: To Serve or Not To Serve, That is the Question

A poll from Inc. Magazine asked readers, “How do you spell competitive advantage?” Customer satisfaction was listed first at 81%, quality personnel second at 48%, product performance ranked third at 44%, and price was dead last at 31%.

Serve, Service

Shoppers want quality products. Just look at the food and automobile industries for example. A few years ago generic brands sprang onto grocery store shelves. Despite the low price people also wanted quality. The result was generic products disappeared and were replaced by higher quality private labels and national brands. In the automobile industry, the cars getting the highest buyer satisfaction scores are all foreign. They include Mercedes, Volvo, Honda, Jaguar, Toyota, and Nissan. Although they have cars in different pricing brackets most of these cars are the most expensive in their respective class. People are willing to pay more for quality.

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