Book Review: Fire Your Excuses!

If you have EVER offered an excuse in your life for your bad behavior, for why you can’t kick a bad habit, or even for why you didn’t perform up to expectation, this book is a must-read. 

Fire Your Excuses is the result of the partnership between co-authors Dr. Bill Dyment and Dr. Marcus Dayhoff.  Several years in the making, this book will challenge you to Fire the Excuses that are holding you back, and reveal the secrets of the 8-10% who achieve lasting change in their lives by examining the top 8 areas where excuses do the most damage.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bill recently. I left our meeting with a copy of Fire Your Excuses!, and a plan to read it in the next week. As I got into the first few pages I found that the recommended first step is to take their free on-line excuses assessment, and then read the rest of the book. The assessment is about 80 questions that I finished in about 10-15 minutes. As soon as I was done I got a 20+ page report of my results.  In the assessment you get a score for each of the 8 major excuses categories. These scores provide insight into areas where excuses may be hindering your progress.

My lowest score was on “Blind Spots and Weaknesses.” This category measured the extent that I might ignore or minimize areas of my life that need work, or where I am reluctant to accept feedback from others. People that know me are probably nodding their collective heads right now saying, “yep, sounds about right!” After reading the chapter on Blind Spots & Weaknesses I have a better understanding of where the issues are and what I need to do to improve. The authors even provide a 30-day challenge – homework guidance if you will, to help you get started on improving each category. I am working on my 30-day action plan to reduce the impact of “Blind Spots and Weaknesses” in my life! Then on to the next excuse area!

Here are the eight excuse categories:

Chapter 1: Blind Spots and Weaknesses

Chapter 2: Health & Wellness

Chapter 3: Social Connections

Chapter 4: Communication

Chapter 5: Time Management

Chapter 6: Finances

Chapter 7: Career

Chapter 8: Serving

 Take Action: Book Bonus & On-Line Support Community

Discover your excuses with the FREE  Fire Your Excuses Self-Assessment report at, and take the 30-day breakthrough challenge!

To help you get going and stay committed the authors created the Fire Your Excuses Community at, where you can get support from others and find other resources to help you on your journey to Fire Your Excuses.

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