#059: The Single Most Important Qualification for Leadership

Of all the possible qualifications for leadership, and there are many, there is one that is, without a doubt, the single most important qualification for leadership. I learned the hard way, not having this one qualification is an absolute deal breaker when assessing future leaders in your organization.

Leader, Leadership

On several occasions during my career my wife Barbara would meet someone that I work with, and later advise me not to trust that person. On a few occasions, my assessment of the individual aligned with hers; neither of us felt I should trust that person. Sadly, there were a few occasions when I thought I knew the person well enough to make a more informed opinion than my wife. I trusted someone who ended up not being trustworthy.

The difference between Barb and me in our assessment of people is that she has the ability to meet someone, and look deep into their hearts. I, on the other hand, tend to be swayed in my judgment, by external factors—how they look, how they carry themselves, their charisma. I am trying to become more like Barb, looking at someone’s heart as the most important qualification for leadership. It turns out Barb’s intuition for assessing potential leaders is quite Biblical.

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