#034: Help me delegate! I just realized I can’t do it all!

For some reason, a lot of leaders think they are the most qualified person to do all the work, and make all the decisions. They have a real aversion to delegation.

Delegate, Moses, Jethro

Even when they attempt to delegate they can’t resist the temptation to insert themselves back into the very work they just delegated. The result of “delegation aversion syndrome” is overwork, burnout, divorce, low morale, and ultimately, failing organizations.

Moses was appointed by God to shepherd the nation out of bondage in Egypt and take them into the Promised Land. He took this responsibility very seriously, and as a result, he tried to personally take care of every little problem that arose. Imagine, trying to settle all the issues that would come up between a few million people on a march that lasted 40-years!

Moses’ father-in-law sees all the work Moses is doing trying to lead the people and knows that he will wear himself out, so he offers advice on why and how to delegate some of his workload.

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