#076: Are Performance Reviews Critical To Business, Or Worthless Paper?

Take a survey of the activities executives like the most in their jobs and performance appraisals of employees won’t be in the top 10, or even the top 20. In fact, if you ask most managers to describe their job-related duties chances are they won’t even mention employee performance reviews.

Performance Review

Most managers hate doing performance appraisals so much they’ll skip the entire process if they think they can get away with it.

If forced to complete the process, they typically save them all up until just before they are due and then run through all their employees one after another. They complete the forms, forward them to their boss, and forget about the process until reviews are due again next year.

Why is it that managers and employees dread the performance review? The list is long and varied:

  • the review is a complaint session in which a manager’s candor becomes a weapon to crush rather than build up an employee,
  • managers bring up gripes from all year and dump them on the employee,
  • managers and employees don’t view situations in the work history the same and no one can remember what really happened,
  • nothing ever changes as a result of the session so people view them as a waste of time, and
  • most performance review systems are highly subjective with standards that vary from boss to boss, and from one employee to another.

Here are twelve tips to make sure performance reviews in your organization are productive:

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