ILM #017: Let’s Be Gracious About One Another’s Faults

Today in our Inspired Leadership Minute I want to us look at Proverbs 17:9: He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”

There are two ways to think about the wisdom of this proverb.

First, if you care about someone, if you love them, you will cover over their faults and not talk about them with others.

Second, relationships, in general, are built on trust. I have my faults and if you’re my friend, I expect you not to broadcast my shortcoming to others. If you do, we won’t be friends very long.

What does this mean for us as leaders today?

Every relationship we have, whether it is with a significant other, a spouse or family member, or a relationship at work depends on trust. When we are willing to overlook the faults of those we care about we build trust and strengthen relationships.

On the other hand, if we gossip about others, over time we will destroy the very relationships we hoped to build.

As Christian leaders, we need to build strong organizations and we can’t do that if gossips are allowed to tear co-workers down.

Two things you need to do. First, be a positive example yourself. Second, don’t allow this kind of destructive talk within your organization.

That’s it for this week’s Inspired Leadership Minute. My prayer is that together we will be the powerful, inspired leaders God intends us to be!

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  • John says:

    Ron- Your post is timely. We have a city council election going on in town. One of the council members lost his contractor’s license last year over a bad business deal. He takes full responsibility for it and is correcting the issue. But his opponents are trying to use this to make him look bad, despite the fact he’s a good man who has helped people in town for years. Fortunately, locals aren’t being influenced by the smear campaign. They know that we are all flawed. And they’re not allowing the challengers to “smear” the incumbent because they know all he’s done to help people in town!

    • Ron says:

      Wow. Well, I guess when politics are concerned – even at the local level – the sharks will smell blood and start circling! Glad there are folks are will look at the man’s track record of helping people and not be swayed by a single mistake that he is taking responsibility for and correcting!