ILM #021: Bribes, Given or Received, Are Wicked in God’s Sight

Today in our Inspired Leadership Minute I want us to look at Proverbs 17:23: “A wicked man accepts a bribe in secret to pervert the course of justice.”     

In this proverb, Solomon is warning against the man who offers or receives a bribe, referring to them as wicked because the purpose of the bribe is to pervert justice.

The original judges in Israel were appointed by God to lead the people. Judges were expected to be above reproach. They were to render decisions honestly and fairly because they represented God.

What does this mean for us as leaders today?

Look around in the business world and across the political scene. It is easy to see the impact of bribes that have perverted justice.

Bribes are commonly the exchange of money for a favor. But bribes may also take the form of special treatment granted for favors. Like the politician who gets a tip on cattle futures from an insider; she makes a lot of money, and then she does favors for the man who gave her the insider information.

Christian leaders, we need to be examples to our organizations. We need to be above reproach. We cannot offer nor accept bribes of any kind. The short-term gain that might be won from engaging in bribery is never worth being seen as wicked in God’s eyes.

That’s it for this week’s Inspired Leadership Minute. My prayer is that together we will be the powerful, inspired leaders God intends us to be!

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  • cleef says:

    thanks Ron God blessed you always!

    • Ron says:

      Many thanks Cleef!

    • John says:

      I think the answer is “a great deal.” One’s world view has a huge impact on how he/she approaches life and work. I’ve met police officers with a cynical view of life (it’s understandable, based on the ugliness we see) and other officers with a beautiful view of life. I always bend toward optimism, and encourage it in my co-workers. Life is precious, a God given gift. As peace officers, our job is to help others live better lives, even in the face of tragedy and hardships.

  • John says:

    We talk about this a lot in law enforcement, the utter importance of moral and ethical leadership. Great reminder, Ron!

    • Ron says:

      An especially important topic for the law enforcement community. I wonder how much a person’s worldview affects their moral and ethical decisions especially in light of their promise to uphold the law.