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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
261 Can You Separate Private Integrity from Public Actions? 02/19/2018
260 What Qualities Should a Godly Leader Have? 02/12/2018
259 Two Obscure Women Whose Courage Saved a Nation 02/05/2018
258 Is Your Ability to Manage Change All That Important? 01/29/2018
257 How My Faith Walk Was Like My First Car Experience 01/22/2018
256 What to Do When You Have to Say, “You’re Fired!” (Part II) 01/15/2018
255 What to Do When You Have to Say, “You’re Fired!” 01/08/2018
254 The Most Important Goal You Forgot to Set 01/01/2018
253 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 12/25/2017
252 You Can Run, but You Cannot Really Hide 12/18/2017
251 Do Real Leaders Emerge in the Midst of a Crisis? 12/11/2017
250 Is Mentoring A Rewarding Strategic Choice Today? 12/04/2017
249 Why Do We Pray As A Last Resort? 11/27/2017
248 Gratitude is Way More Than an Attitude 11/20/2017
247 Faithless Whiners and Complainers Need Not Apply 11/13/2017
246 Jesus’ Five Remarkable Tests For Leaders 11/06/2017
245 What Are the Five Solas Everyone Is Talking About? 10/30/2017
244 Why “Leaders Must Be Readers” is Wrong 10/23/2017
243 What Kind of Leader Will Defend Their Principles? 10/16/2017
242 An Instructive Letter from My Back-to-the-Future Self 10/09/2017
241 How to Prepare Your Organization to Recognize A Shifting Paradigm 10/02/2017
240 Here’s Another Nice Mess You’ve Gotten Me Into! 09/25/2017
239 The Woman Who Overcame Evil with Good 09/18/2017
238 What Does It Take to be a Godly Leader or Follower? 09/11/2017
237 If You’re an Ox, Don’t Team Up with A Donkey! 09/04/2017
236 Are These Trials at Work Good for Me? 08/28/2017
235 Will God Still Use Me If I Mess Up? 08/21/2017
234 The Young Leader Who Lived Through Peace, Prosperity, Reformation, and Disaster 08/14/2017
233 Christian Leaders Need to Read Their Bible! 08/07/2017
232 Who Should Climb the Ladder? 07/31/2017
231 Is it Wrong to Leave God out of the Workplace? 07/24/2017
230 How Does the Greek Worldview of Work Compare to the Biblical Worldview? 07/17/2017
229 Achieving Your God Sized, Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal 07/10/2017
228 United We Stand, Divided We Fall 07/03/2017
227 Shall I Do the Good I Know To Do? 06/26/2017
226 Remaining True to Your Principles in a Spiritual Battle 06/19/2017
225 The Insidious Gap Between What We Say and What We Do 06/12/2017
224 Effective Leadership: Employ, Equip, Empower, and Get Out Of The Way! 06/05/2017
223 Let Us Stop and Remember Whose We Are 05/29/2017
222 Is This Standing in the Way of Your Success? 05/22/2017
221 Surprise! Someone Is Preparing to Lead A Rebellion In Your Organization! 05/15/2017
220 It Turns Out You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! 05/08/2017
219 Can Feedback Really Help Drive Growth in My Business? 05/01/2017
218 Is What You Desperately Need in Your Hand? 04/24/2017
217 What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive 04/17/2017
216 What Does It Take to Live the Greatest Life? 04/10/2017
215 So You Want to Fight! 04/03/2017
214 Seizing Victory from the Agony of Defeat 03/27/2017
212 Have You Worked for Either of These Kinds of Bad Bosses? 03/13/2017
211 13 Traits of Remarkable Biblical Leaders You Should Have 03/06/2017
210 Are Ordinary People Made Extraordinary by Following God’s Purpose? 02/27/2017
209 You and I are on a Journey to God Knows Where! 02/20/2017
208 What is the Cause of our Deepening Cultural Divide? 02/13/2017
207 What Can We Learn From A Courageous Slave Girl? 02/06/2017
206 The Seasons of Life 01/30/2017
205 The Disastrous Effect of One Bad Apple on Your Organization 01/23/2017
204 Do You Need a Powerful Influencer in Your Life? 01/16/2017
203 Terrifying Boyhood Adventure Results in Valuable Life Lessons 01/09/2017
202 Resolutions Are a Complete Waste of Time! 01/02/2017
201 Key Learning from My After-Action Review 12/26/2016
200 For unto Us a Child Is Born 12/19/2016
199 Can Tremendous Results Stem from Small Acts of Faith and Prayer? 12/12/2016
198 Build Performance by Learning How to Use Leadership Styles Effectively 12/05/2016
197 Who Does God Call to do Great Things? 11/28/2016
196 Have We Forgotten the Real Meaning of Thanksgiving? 11/21/2016
195 Do You See Yourself in the Life of Zacchaeus? 11/14/2016
194 Do You Know the 3 E’s of Expanded Leadership? 11/07/2016
193 How to Cast Worry Aside and Live a Tums Free Life 10/31/2016
192 Why Don’t Some People Step Into the Promise of God? 10/24/2016
191 It Takes Character & Courage to be Used by God 10/17/2016
190 The Most Important Overlooked Quality of Leadership 10/10/2016
189 Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho! It’s Off to Work We Go! 10/03/2016
188 Your Values Aren’t Your Values Unless They Cost You Something 09/26/2016
187 The Principled Patriot Who Refused to Kneel 09/19/2016
186 What Do You Say When Someone Asks, “What Do You Do?” 09/12/2016
185 What Supervision Skills do You Need to be Successful? 09/05/2016
184 How Do I Trust Thee? Let Me Count the Ways! 08/29/2016
183 The Dirty Bird Theory of Superior Organizational Development 08/22/2016
182 Pride and Arrogance Lead to Demotion and Obscurity 08/15/2016
181 Pressure, Pleasure, Power, Pride, and Priorities Lead to Failure 08/08/2016
180 Time Pirates 08/01/2016
179 Are You in the Right Ministry Role? 07/25/2016
178 The King Who Achieved Much but Died of Pride 07/18/2016
177 Pray and Trust God. Has it Really Come to That? 07/11/2016
176 Can We Finally All Be One in Christ Jesus? 07/04/2016
175 Responding to the Rabshakeh Who Tries to Destroy You or Your Organization 06/27/2016
174 A Modern Day Rabshakeh Will Try to Destroy You and Your Organization 06/20/2016
173 What Unique Trait Should Christians Share with Redwood Trees? 06/13/2016
172 Situational Ethics and the Art of Dishonesty, Cheating, and Lying 06/06/2016
171 Me and My Extraordinarily Big Mouth! 05/30/2016
170 7 Surprising Things I learned from My Gen Z Students 05/23/2016
169 Ambition, Avarice and Lot’s Lost Life in the World 05/16/2016
168 Why Are More Professional Relationships Crashing Every Day? 05/09/2016
167 6 Keys to Making Important Changes in Your Life Stick 05/02/2016
166 What Does it Mean to Live Intentionally? 04/25/2016
165 Do You Respond to God Like Lydia? 04/18/2016
164 Are you a fig tree leader or a thornbush leader? 04/11/2016
163 Is Integrity the Most Important Building Block of Personal Development? 04/04/2016
162 How Distrust, Conjecture, and Hasty Actions Lead to Disaster 03/28/2016
161 Our Passionate Response to Passion Week 03/21/2016
160 Six Leadership Lessons from a Woman of Valor, Conviction, and Faith 03/14/2016
159 The Temple Moneychangers–A Guide to Biblical Marketing 03/07/2016
158 The Biggest Mistake Christians Make When Planning 02/29/2016
157 The Give and Take of Extraordinary Leaders 02/22/2016
156 Presidents, Leadership, and God 02/15/2016
155 The Reluctant Leader, A Mighty Man of Valor 02/08/2016
154 Are the Best Executives, Leaders or Managers? 02/01/2016
153 Leaders are Readers: My Book List for 2016 01/25/2016
152 The Handsome Farmer Who Got Fired for Stealing and Lying 01/18/2016
151 Me, Myself, and I, the Unholy Trinity of the Selfish Leader 01/11/2016
150 How to Identify Paradigm Shifts and Explode Your Business 01/04/2016
149 3 Reasons I Failed Miserably at Achieving My Goals This Year 12/28/2015
148 What Holy Night is This? 12/21/2015
147 Is Being a Servant Leader Really a Good Thing? 12/14/2015
146 There are only Two Kinds of Leaders 12/07/2015
145 Building Positive Attitudes Builds Results 11/30/2015
144 The Five Essentials to Adding Value to Others 11/23/2015
143 The Single Most Powerful Way to End Your Day—Guaranteed! 11/16/2015
142 The Single Most Powerful Way to Start Your Day–Guaranteed 11/09/2015
141 The Four Critical Roles of a Sales Manager 11/02/2015
140 Is Character Formed In The Crucible Of Failure? 10/26/2015
139 What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive 10/19/2015
138 Should We Stand Against Authority? 10/12/2015
137 10 of the Worst Mistakes Bosses Make With Employees 10/05/2015
136 Was Ebed-melech a Courageous or Foolish Leader? 09/28/2015
135 What do you do when God tells you to do something ridiculous? 09/21/2015
134 Service IS Your Product! 09/14/2015
133 What Oops! Do Starbucks and Haggen Have in Common? 09/07/2015
132 Roadblocks—12 Impediments to Success 08/31/2015
131 How Space Mountain is Like Following Jesus 08/24/2015
130 The Higher You Climb the Harder You Fall 08/17/2015
129 What have you done for one of the least of these? 08/10/2015
128 Running the Great Race 08/03/2015
127 What Liberal Cancer is Killing Leadership around the World? 07/27/2015
126 The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Potential Employees 07/20/2015
125 5 Truths Esther Taught Me about Leadership in the Face of Death 07/13/2015
124 Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 07/06/2015
123 Are There People God Really Hates in Your Organization? 06/29/2015
122 Expect Opposition When Attempting to Accomplish Something Great 06/22/2015
121 Do You Lead Like a Trail Boss or a Shepherd? 06/15/2015
120 How to Recover When You Slip and Fall as a Leader 06/08/2015
119 Through the Looking Glass 06/01/2015
118 Whatever You Did for the Least of these Employees, You Did for Me 05/25/2015
117 5 Things I learned about building an organization from teaching a college class 05/18/2015
116 4 Types of People to Watch Out for in a Crisis 05/11/2015
115 12 Ways to Create and Enjoy Success in the Workplace 05/04/2015
114 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail as a Leader 04/27/2015
113 Do Not Be Overcome by Evil but Overcome Evil with Good 04/20/2015
112 A Warning of Judgement from God for all Wannabe Leaders 04/13/2015
111 4 Types of Leaders Who Rejected God and Failed 04/06/2015
110 8 Steps to Create Your Barrier Busting Enabled Organization 03/30/2015
109 Will You Answer God When He Calls You to Lead? 03/23/2015
108 What One Thing are 99.2% of Leaders Doing to Hurt Results? 03/16/2015
107 Three Key Pieces of Advice When Transferring the Mantle of Leadership 03/09/2015
106 5 Biblical Steps to Surviving Killer Stress in Your Life 03/02/2015
105 Is Selection of Leaders the Reason We Have so Many Poor Leaders? 02/23/2015
104 What Can Our Presidents Teach Us About Leadership? 02/16/2015
103 How to Fail as a Problem Solver and as a Leader 02/09/2015
102 What I Learned on a Playground that Actually Helped Me as a Leader 02/02/2015
101 People around the World are Struggling and Need God 01/26/2015
100 If God Renamed You, What Would Your Name Be? 01/19/2015
99 My Most Popular Posts of 2014 (And What I Learned from Them) 01/12/2015
98 8 Critical Attributes for Leaders You Didn’t Learn About in Business School 01/05/2015
97 Is It Important to Align Our Life to God’s Vision For Us? 12/29/2014
96 What Three Critically Important Questions Does Psalm 98 Answer? 12/22/2014
95 Does leadership involve both accountability and responsibility? 12/15/2014
94 4 Steps to Leadership Failure 12/08/2014
93 Nine Keys to Fulfilling Christianity 12/01/2014
92 Can We Be Thankful Today? 11/24/2014
91 What To Do When You Are Stuck Cleaning Up Someone Else’s Mess! 11/17/2014
90 Are you Peter on Monday Morning? 11/10/2014
89 Lookin’ For Esteem in All the Wrong Places 11/03/2014
88 I Don’t Need A Job, I Need A Purpose! 10/27/2014
87 Does God Really Have a Purpose For Each of Us? 10/20/2014
86 What to do When the Future Seems Hopeless! 10/13/2014
85 9 Steps to Employee Growth through Discipline 10/06/2014
84 When Weak Leadership and Rebellion Leads to Wandering 09/29/2014
83 What To Do When Opportunities Are Blocked By Obstacles 09/22/2014
82 On the Road to Success We Must First Conquer Failure 09/15/2014
81 Understanding our Primary Priority and Making Decisions 09/08/2014
80 To Serve or Not To Serve, That is the Question 09/01/2014
79 5 Important Faith Lessons the Disciples Learned in a Storm 08/25/2014
78 5 Signs You are Rebelling against God’s Call on Your Life 08/18/2014
77 Do You Have Enough Faith to Weather Life’s Storms? 08/11/2014
76 Are Performance Reviews Critical To Business, Or Worthless Paper? 08/04/2014
75 Can a Peaceful Leader be an Effective Leader? 07/28/2014
74 Our Leadership Crisis is a Self-Inflicted Wound 07/21/2014
73 Man’s Wisdom or God’s Wisdom–Which do You Choose? 07/14/2014
72 In God We Trust, Or Do We? 07/07/2014
71 Lessons on Leadership — Part 2 06/30/2014
70 The Importance of a Personal Leadership Philosophy 06/23/2014
69 Two Kinds of Bosses You Don’t Want to Work For! 06/16/2014
68 Leadership Lessons from a SEAL 06/09/2014
67 28 Lessons on Leadership 06/02/2014
66 What to do When Storm Clouds Loom in Your Life 05/26/2014
65 Five Things Every Effective Leader Must Do 05/19/2014
64 You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, or Can You? 05/12/2014
63 Nine Keys to Living Productively 05/05/2014
62 Five Easy Ways to Make Your Employees Distrust You 04/28/2014
61 Should Christians be Tolerant or Intolerant? 04/21/2014
60 Do you have morals and believe in free speech? If so, get ready for the unemployment line! 04/14/2014
59 The Single Most Important Qualification for Leadership 04/07/2014
58 21 Habits of Incredibly Successful Salespeople 03/31/2014
57 When A Friend Calls Out of The Blue and Makes Your Day 03/24/2014
56 Ten Things I Learned about Leadership from Dr. Seuss 03/17/2014
55 Can Failing Schools in the UK Teach the US About Effective Leadership? 03/10/2014
54 How to Keep Your Power as Leader from Destroying Your Character 03/03/2014
53 The Leader’s Role as Arbiter and Judge—Five Important Tips 02/24/2014
52 Six Tips for Delivering Your Next Best-Ever Presentation 02/17/2014
51 Seven Steps to Developing Your Next Best-Ever Presentation 02/10/2014
50 Four Keys to Make Your Next Meeting the Most Productive One Ever! 02/03/2014
49 Our Most Important Role as Christians in a Secular Marketplace 01/27/2014
48 Ten Tips for Building an Empowered Organization 01/20/2014
47 Successful Executives Empower Employees 01/13/2014
46 Five Lessons on Handling a Crisis from Governor Chris Christie 01/09/2014
45 Do You Need Encouragement? Be An Encourager! 01/06/2014
44 Five Requirements to Finish the Race Well! 12/30/2013
43 The Downside of Happiness and
the Upside of Joy
42 Five Elements of Powerful Encouragement 12/16/2013
41 Change Your Inputs to Change Your Outputs 12/09/2013
40 What Did You Say? I Wasn’t Listening! 12/02/2013
39 Six Steps to Building Healthy Alliances that will Build Your Business 11/25/2013
38 Three Elements of Proper Motivation in our Work 11/18/2013
37 Five Tips for Handling the Fallout from a Fiasco 11/11/2013
36 Climbing the Success Ladder in 7 Easy Steps 11/04/2013
35 I Deserve To Be Happy! It’s ALL About ME!!! 10/28/2013
34 Help me delegate! I just realized I can’t do it all! 10/21/2013
33 Another Enemy! What’s a Leader to Do? 10/14/2013
32 Empowered by Grace 10/07/2013
31 Power versus Empower 10/07/2013
30 Four Steps to Failure 09/30/2013
29 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall 09/23/2013
28 Is Being Prideful Really an Issue? 09/16/2013
27 God Equips, Encourages, and Enables You for His Service 09/09/2013
26 Is Our Motivation Important to God? 09/02/2013
25 The Single Most Important Investment Priority 08/26/2013
24 Envy + Jealousy = Anger Issues 08/12/2013
23 Christians Need, Receive, and Share Comfort 08/06/2013
22 Does Prayer Have a Purpose? 07/31/2013
21 Having Hope in the Face of Disaster 07/30/2013
20 Superficial Spirituality of the Rich Young Ruler 07/14/2013
19 What is Different About a Christian Heart? 07/02/2013
18 The Benefit of Being Second! 07/01/2013
17 Building on a Firm Foundation 06/25/2013
16 Life…You never know what you’re gonna get! 06/20/2013
15 To Forgive, Going Above and Beyond? 06/18/2013
14 What is our purpose? What on earth are we here for? 06/08/2013
13 What to Do When You’re Discouraged 06/03/2013
12 What to do When Facing Opposition 05/14/2013
11 What is God’s Bigger Plan for You? 05/07/2013
10 Spring Cleaning 05/01/2013
9 Are You a Slave to the World or to God? 04/29/2013
8 Five Affirmations of the Resurrection 04/01/2013
7 Three Steps You Can Take to Grow in Wisdom 03/01/2013
6 Wisdom Comes From God 02/26/2013
5 Love One Another 02/01/2013
4 Where Is My Identity? 01/29/2013
3 Resolutions and the New Year! 01/01/2013
2 Nine Steps to Personal Revival 11/13/2012
1 Are You Good Enough to Serve? 01/31/2012